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You Are Covertly Supporting That Eve Teaser!

Yo Dearies! Waddup! How was the week? It’s pretty noisy around here these days with the Ganeshmahotsav going on in Mumbai with loud music and loud shouting of the devotees. Now please don’t get me wrong ok, I am all devotional myself but you got to draw a line somewhere innit!?

Anyway, let’s not digress. To tell you the truth I was watching a particular crime reality series based on true stories on one of the TV channels. And this particular one was about a brave girl in the city of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh where she fought against the local boys against eve teasing. I mean really, that we still need to fight all these things is something that gets me really angry and upset. All the women reading it, whether in India or abroad have at some point in time been a victim of eve teasing. And the worst part here in India is that people don’t even take it seriously. Your parents tell you to avoid those roads, your teachers/principals tell you to dress properly and, worst, your neighbours and passersby on the road think that it’s your mistake, somehow, that those mean boys are misbehaving with you!

And to think about why men tease?? Why? just why? what’s the reason? Thinking about it, I discussed it with some friends and after a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that there is no ONE reason for them to tease women. It’s a mixture of reasons. Let’s see and examine them:

  1. First and foremost responsible factor is the way they are raised. I think growing up and observing family behaviour they learn a lot. If their fathers are treating their mothers in a particular way, the way their mothers are, their conditions in the house teach them a lot. So as a parent, it’s your duty to have a balanced atmosphere at home and not let your kid learn something skewed.
  2. The sheer arrogance of being a ‘Man’ has got a lot to do with the fact of treating women inferior. Who puts it in their heads really? Why do men think women are inferior to them? Patriarchal norms? And please correct me if I am wrong. I am not targeting stuff just for the heck of it, patriarchy is the only reason or single biggest reason, in my humble understanding, responsible for the plight of women in today’s world.
  3. Insensitivity towards issues related to women is another reason. I mean, why is any issue related to eve teasing treated as ‘not a big thing’?! If an eve teasing incident stopped right there, the first time, it’s stopping a rape in making. Why do our laws or our police take cognizance of a case only when a woman is raped and killed? Why not when she comes to the police station to register a case against a teaser?
  4. Fourth and the most important point, which in my opinion will take ages to change, is the mindset. “Has to be the girl’s fault, why was she wearing fashionable clothes?” “boys tease only those who provoke them”, “what do you expect, going out at this hour out all alone!”

So basically as you see, it’s never a boy’s fault, the victim here is held responsible for the wrong done to her. I mean just look at the irony! Why would a woman want a man to tease/molest/rape her?? It’s this insensitivity that has to go. And god alone knows how long it will take, if ever.

I can’t forget the case of those smart, intelligent, ambitious girls of Gurgaon who committed suicide because two boys used to follow them all the time on scooter and their neighbours started making stories blaming it on the girls! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAZXt2m1IhI It was so deeply saddening.

Or the case of the married woman in Virar who committed suicide because her neighbour used to pass lewd comments on her! http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Virar-woman-sets-self-ablaze-over-eve-teasing/articleshow/22273375.cms

How long, HOW LONG do our women have to suffer these horrible things, huh!? Doesn’t it boil your blood to read these horrifying stories?? You need to do something, I need to do something, we all need to do something. Sitting quietly and witnessing it all is only increasing this crime with each passing second. We need the government to change laws. Make it more stringent, non-bailable offence for eve teasing. Eve teasers shouldn’t be allowed jobs. These guys should be socially boycotted, now tell me, CAN YOU DO IT? CONSIDERING ONE OF THOSE GUYS IS YOUR SON/BROTHER/NEPHEW/COUSIN/HUSBAND???

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